The Arts Society member societies throughout Great Britain and Europe support Young Arts Projects in various ways.  The Arts Society Dorset County is one of the 23 societies that are part of Wessex Area. Click HERE to see other projects in the Wessex Area. We have a history of supporting Young Arts and currently we have a number of ongoing projects with local schools. 

RBA Portrait by Nadia Jenkins selected for RBA Exhibition

Nadia Jenkins, formerly a student at The Thomas Hardye School, has work selected to hang at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists in association with The Arts Society
Developed with the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), the RBA Rising Stars competition encourages aspiring young artists who are identified and entered by The Arts Society's local Societies.  The RBA then selects the very best pieces for exhibition in London. The 21 finalists were chosen for their exceptional artworks which combine the highest levels of skill, expression and draughtsmanship using a variety of mediums, exploring equally varied subjects. This year 36 Societies submitted 247 works so the RBA council had difficult choices to make.
The Arts Society Dorset County in Dorchester, selected paintings by several promising A-level students to be judged by the RBA Council Members. This year, a paintings of one of the Thomas Hardye Students was chosen, Nadia Jenkin’s portrait ‘Nigel and Teddy’.  Nadia will have the title RBA Star Student during the show and an invitation to the private view at the Mall Galleries as well as a certificate. At Mall Gallery The Arts Society John Ingram Memorial Prize will be awarded for an exceptional piece of work.

You will be able to view these outstanding artworks at the following exhibitions:
Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), St James, London W1, Friday 26 April to Sunday 19 June 2019 
RBA’s annual show at the Mall Galleries, Thursday 4 July to Sunday 14 July 2019 

Royal Society of British Artists Vice President, Mick Davies, comments:
“For many of these young artists this is the first major exhibition in which they will have their work shown in London. They are expressing excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect.”





Our vice chairman Susie Pearson and I were at Poundbury Arts Centre for the Judging of the Weymouth College Boss Stone Competition 2018. Along with the college tutors we were joined by members of the Worshipful Company of Stone Masons all wearing their wonderful distinctive ties.  The students work was very interesting, of a high standard, and created in two and a half days, most impressive. The Arts Society Dorset County were delighted to give carving tools in the form of tungsten scribes to all the participating students.

Lis Kaye, Young Arts Organiser



As long-time supporters of the Dorset County Museum we were delighted to give funds to the art activities for families and young people during the three months Dippy was at the Museum. The exhibition attracted 153,189 visitors, of which children totalled 47,203.  The Museum aimed to provide fun, art-based self-guided activities for families and the activities allowed children time to reflect on their learning and create their own interpretations of Dippy. Without a doubt Dippy attracted an enormous number of people into the Museum, many for the first time, and Dorset County are pleased to have been able to play a part in the project. 

Pat Davies, Young Arts Coordinator


Dorset County are delighted to have started a working relationship with the Stonemasonry Department of Weymouth College. The department is based in Poundbury at the Dorset Centre for Creative Arts. So far we have subsidised the fees for six  students  to enable them to participate in a 10 hour calligraphy course. We have also agreed to provide sponsorship in the form of prizes of tools for their annual boss carving competition in June. The theme of the carvings this year will be Dippy.



A recent project supported by our Society can be seen at the new Damers First School. Working with artist and potter Des Alner at the schools old site near the hospital, every child from the original Damers First School contributed a ceramic leaf, bird, butterfly or animal to the 'Tree'.  This was erected on one of the outer walls of the new school in Poundbury, surrounded by butterflies, the symbol of the school. (See photograph)  Young Arts Organisers Lis Kaye and Pat Davies worked with teachers Nicky Simmonds and Edd Moore to achieve a notable result.



Thanks to The Arts Society Dorset County, almost 50 gifted and talented art pupils at St Marys C.of E. Middle School in Puddletown enjoyed two days in December with artist Darrell Wakelam.  Darrell is a highly experienced artist and teacher specializing in 3D structures and inspired the pupils, working in groups of four, to produce some amazing 3D sculptural book covers. The book titles had been suggested by the school librarians and the pupils produced their interpretations.

When some members of the committee took the opportunity to visit on the second afternoon, the art room was a-buzz with excitement and enthusiasm. Pupils and staff were equally thrilled with the opportunity to enjoy a creative art day and we were delighted and impressed to see what had been achieved with imagination, card, paper, paste and paint.  

Projects so far agreed for 2018 are the lecture by Linda Smith on 20th Century Sculpture held at Thomas Hardye School in January, and  a one day Gifted and Talented Workshop for Year 8 Middle School Pupils by the illustrator, Paul Stickland in July.

Further projects are currently under negotiation and will be announced when agreed.


We are proud of continuing our funding of an annual lecture by the highly engaging and knowledgeable The Arts Society lecturer Linda Smith to the Sixth Form "A" Level Art pupils of Thomas Hardye School. Her lecture in January 2018 was the fifth we have sponsored. In alternate years the subjects have been 20th century painting and 20th century sculpture. 

This year it was the latter and the members of your committee who attended were impressed to see the rapt attention with which students listened to Linda, taking reams of notes and in complete silence, apart from the occasional cough or dropped pen. For most pupils these lectures provide their first opportunity to attend a university-type lecture and it can be seen from the thoughtful comments below that they found this year’s lecture just as beneficial as past years’ students have done.

“The recent lecture on sculpture was an engaging, thought provoking presentation that really helped me understand the complex development of art in the climate of the 20th century. This lecture, which tied in extremely well with the talk on painting I saw the year before, brought to life  everything from Rodin to Duchamp, and explained the transition from movement to movement in a way I wouldn't have understood otherwise. It brought to light sculptures I hadn't seen before, such as Picasso's cubist sculptures: This exposure has helped me appreciate things I wouldn't typically see as a painter.”

“I thought Linda Smith's lecture on 20th century sculpture was really gripping and I took a lot back from her explanation of how it has changed throughout the years. I thought it was particularly beneficial as I am currently working and researching the world of sculpture and artist's influences as part of my coursework and independent studies. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Linda and the Arts Society for giving me this opportunity to learn about 20th century sculpture”

 “Linda Smith's lecture on the sculpture of the 20th century was extremely insightful, helping me to understand the art of today, and the fact that to do this fully, 'we need to pay attention to its roots and where it's come from. Smith went over the whole century in less than an hour and showed the whole room, quite concisely, the most influential and important figures of the time, the celebrity of artists, and the many reactions to the world wars of the 1900s. Smith's section on Objet Trouve (Found Objects) really stood out to me and fed into my work, as collage is the media I am currently working in where found imagery are crucial to the process. It was fascinating to listen to her, and see the great works of the past 100 years. Thank you to the Arts Society for providing such an opportunity.”

“I found the art lecture most importantly accessible. Often I find that I am unable to understand when being explained a subject such as sculpture throughout history, this often feels condescending and belittling. The speaker used technical terms but in such a way that I felt as though she was talking to us as equals rather than talking down to us, giving the feeling of inclusiveness in the art world which I sometimes find can be exclusive and elitist.”

“I found Linda Smith’s talk interesting and relevant to my own work. I particularly liked the segment on the development of Epstein’s ‘The rock drill’ as it demonstrates the influence of societal change on both the subjects and materials used in art and their significance. This is something I intend to consider more in my own sculptures as well as when analysing the motives and techniques used by other artists”


On a wet and windy afternoon outside the gates of Thomas Hardye’s School shortly before Christmas our Chairman, Delia McLaggan, and Pat Davies, joint Young Arts Representative, were delighted to meet Charlie Pike, formerly a pupil at the school.  Charlie’s stunning self-portrait was among those submitted to the annual NADFAS competition for selection for the RBA exhibition of young artists' work.  For the second consecutive year a student from Hardye’s has the honour to be selected and Charlie’s painting will be exhibited at the Royal Overseas League in the Rising Stars exhibition and afterwards at The Mall Galleries.  Delia was pleased to present Charlie with a cheque from DCDFAS and the official certificate of his RBA Scholar status.


The Royal Society of British Artists in partnership with NADFAS select 36 works from a vast number selected by Societies all over the country.  In 2016 fifty-five Societies submitted 348 works from 89 schools.  

Two portraits painted by Laura Hounsell were submitted and 'Christopher' was chosen to be hung, first at the Lloyds Register Gallery from 11 February to 11 March and then from 17 March to 2 April at the Mall Gallery in London beside the works exhibited by the RBA Members.  It was a great honour and a boost for her artistic career.  Laura then embarked on her Art Foundation Course.


In June 2015, our society paid for lino, paints and tools for the Dorchester Middle Schools for a Gifted and Talented Printmaking Workshop. Thirty seven students, sketched and then cut linocuts at a workshop run by tutor and artist Sandra Stalker from Weymouth College on the theme of ‘Insects’. Trays of butterflies and beetles were borrowed from the Dorset County Museum. Students’ final prints were cut out and pinned in a cabinet which will be displayed in the entrance of the Science Department at Thomas Hardye School.

Examples of their work can be viewed in the "Gallery" section of this website under "Young Arts"


In October 2013 the Committee awarded a Bursary towards materials to Marina Renee-Cemmick, a very talented student from The Thomas Hardye School, who has just embarked on her Foundation Year Course at Bournemouth Art College. She was recommended by the Head of Art at Thomas Hardye School as a worthy recipient.


In March 2013, with a grant from our society, Westfield Art College in Weymouth were able to employ the Willow Sculptor Kim Creswell to work with students on two separate days. First they learned the basics, making a daisy and a dragonfly, skills that could transfer to other projects, such as basket weaving. On their second day they all worked together to created a Kestrel sculpture for the Sensory Garden at the College. The Kestrel is the College Emblem. The application to NADFAS House for a grant from the Patricia Fay Fund for a further project with Westfield has been successful. This grant will be matched by our society. An image of one of the sessions is shown at the top of this page.