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02 June 2020SUMMER PARTY
06 October 2020ART NOUVEAU: Architecture and Design

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SUMMER PARTY Tuesday 02 June 2020

Sadly, the Summer Party has been cancelled for this year. We hope it can be re-arranged for another year as it is a special place to visit.

THE SUMMER PARTY will take place on the evening of Tuesday 2 June from 6.30 to 8 pm.


Tuesday 2 June 2020 at The Old Manor, Tolpuddle, DT2 8TQ  6.30 to 8 pm

by kind permission of Julian and Philippa Frances


PARKING: To get to the house, turn right at the tree (where Liz Arkell lived) and the house is the second drive on the right, with ornate gates.  Drive a little further and members can park in a large field.  There is a little walking bridge from the field into the garden.  We will email guest a map.

THE GARDEN: Guests arrive over the little bridge and this first level area of lawn will be where food and wine will be served.  From this lower level we look up at three more glorious levels of garden (at least).  It is worth exploring the garden, to discover the beautiful sculpture. Our host, Julian Frances is interested in calligraphy, woodcuts and stone lettering.  Mounted on the very top wall between the garden and the churchyard, there are the most beautiful stones carved with Lettering. If members then turn right and go down steps towards the house, more of Letter - Carving can be found in a little courtyard between a converted garage, now a study and the house.  This is where the loo can be found, too.  Take care on these steps!  The loo can be accessed from the lower level lawn, too.

WET WEATHER: Tolpuddle Village Hall, which is just across the road, has been booked in case of rain.  If this happens the suggestion is that members explore the beautiful gardens first and then go to the hall to eat, drink and be merry. There is a separate room for coats. 

STONECUTTING:  To watch a delightful video on Stonecutting, click on this link here.

Details will be on your Programme Card.  Tickets can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Mrs Valentine Simson nearer the date.  There will be an application form on the website then.